Zoom Microphone at Musician’s Friend

H2n is the latest hand-held recorder from Zoom. Being the new generation of portable recording, this groundbreaking device lets you record genuine audio in any place you want. Zoom’s H2n will give remarkable recording quality from film and broadcast to songwriting, musical performance, podcasting, journalism and even rehearsal. The pristine audio provided by H2n is made possible by the five mic capsules onboard this portable recorder. It is because of this design which allows H2n to give four unique recording modes namely Mid-Side (MS) stereo, 90° X/Y stereo, 2-channel and 4-channel surround sound. The Zoom microphone at Musicians Friend can make your recording experience more efficient. It is like making a studio-quality recording in an instant, the H2n is designed in such a way that major controls are within the reach of your fingertips which makes it so easy to use.

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