Will Derrick Rose Become an All-Star Again?

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He may not win the MVP award again but I do think he can still put up a string of All-Star caliber seasons. Rose is a very talented basketball player. He’s very athletic and he has a high basketball IQ. He also has the killer instinct and he’s a clutch player. He may need to let go of some explosive moves to prolong his longevity but he may also add some veteran tricks to his arsenal. He should learn from the great NBA players of the past who are not that athletic but are very successful because they are smart enough to hang with the more explosive and stronger players. I could give a couple of names. Steve Nash and John Stockton. You can also add Tony Parker to the list. Dwayne Wade has also tweaked his game a bit. He is a lot less explosive but he has improved his finesse and shooting ability. Many have counted out Wade but look at his numbers now, 20+ points per game in his first few games this season. Rose should do the same thing.

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