Why Go Slow?

This is a very simple question that I think deserves a very clear answer. Why go slow?

Perhaps this can be answered in very simple words. Answering this question can also be done slowly, making sure that the person who asked this question can fully understand the answer.

Going slow has lots of benefits. Being slow reduces stress. You may say that the previous statement seems a bit vague and assuming. So I’ll expound a bit. Doing things at a slower pace keeps us in a relaxed state even if we are doing many things every single day. Rushing is a major contributor of physical and mental stress. Rushing causes human errors or unexpected mistakes that can hinder a person’s development. Mistakes can be very bothering. Worrying too much about your mistakes causes stress.

Prevent rushing by living a slow life. Working slowly can provide tons of benefits towards a person’s productivity, contrary to what many people are thinking. Slow, accurate and calculated actions can eliminate repetition of tasks due to unexpected mistakes. Being mindful and slow with your actions can greatly reduce errors because you tend to put your 100% focus on every small actions that you make.

More answers to this questions on my upcoming posts.

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