What is M-Audio?

One of the business units of Avid Technology, M-Audio is formerly known as Midimin. So what is M-Audio? Basically they design and market among others, music software, keyboards and MIDI controllers, digital audio and MIDI interfaces, digital DJ systems, studio monitors, microphones, loudspeakers and synthesizers. Independent offices of M-Audio are located in the US, Japan, France, Canada, Germany and UK. The company was founded by Tim Ryan later during the 90s. Ryan initially founded the company as Midi Soft. However, because Yamaha Corporation already has ownership rights to the name Midi Soft, Ryan has to change the name of the company to Midiman.

Midiman started as a company that offers hardware solutions that can help solve the struggles of putting together the computer equipment, audio and MIDI that are used in music production. Midiman  initially  became popular as a company that manufactures small MIDI problem solvers, interfaces, and sync devices that are reasonably priced. The company’s initial offering was a product called “Midiman”. It is a MIDI-to-tape recorder synchronizer. However, the Syncman and Syncman Pro VITC-to-LTC/MTC converters were the first products of Midiman that became successful in the mainstream. Midisport and Bi-Port range of MIDI interfaces followed through and became successful commercially. They were also instrument for Midiman to be known as a reputable company in that product category.

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