Welcome to the Tiger Club Jamie Jungers

And now there are four! The story of forbidden love affairs continues. After the names of Rachel, Jaimee and Kalika have been dragged to the controversy, another girl by the name of Jamie Jungers who lives in Las Vegas has joined the wagon. A British newspaper will release an article of an interview with Jamie Jungers. She is to reveal her alleged affair with golf superstar Tiger Woods. If you think you’ve heard them all, better think again! According to the infamous TMZ, there is a fifth Tiger Woods mistress who is from Orlando. And maybe, just maybe. The counting will not stop. Woods, you’re the man!


When National Enquirer divulged the alleged affair of Rachel Uchitel with Tiger woods just last week, a series of revelations followed. One after another, women started to tell the whole world they spent their nights with the Great Tiger Woods.

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