Uno Motorcycle

Uno Motorcycle

Ben Gulak, a freshman student from Massachusetts Institute of Technology invented Uno. It is a unique electronic motorcycle with the two wheels mounted side by side unlike the ordinary which has one in front and another at the back. A computer and gyroscope are used to balance it and maneuvering is done by shifting the body of the rider.

It seems so hard to maneuver the Uno motorcycle. It’s like a harder balancing act as compared to the normal bicycle. But the design looks nice. I wonder if it comes in different colors. A flaming red Uno seems like a good one. Or perhaps a sleek black design. I wonder if Batman ever thought of this as a replacement for his Batmobile.

Uno Extreme Sports seems like a good idea? Or probably an Uno Grand Prix. Who knows, Uno might become a household figure in the future. I have no idea though how much this thing costs.

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