Uniden Home Patrol 1

Uniden Home Patrol 1

The Uniden Home Patrol-1 Digital Scanner is now being offered with a two year warranty by BearcatWarehouse. The deal is for a limited time only. The Military, Weather Spotters, Aircraft and Public Safety among others use this model to aid them in hearing the communications systems fast. All it takes is for you to enter the zip code and everything else will be handled by the Home Patrol-1. It will keep you informed from as far as across town to as near as across the street.

If you already have the home patrol 1 and you always travel, it would be better if you get the GPS kit as well. It can convey to the scanner where you can find it and it will pick up communications anywhere you go.

The leading online source for high-quality communications electronics is BearcatWarehouse.com. Their product lines include marine VHF radios, Uniden scanners, racing packages and many others. Whatever Uniden scanner you need, you can find it at BearcatWarehouse.com fast and easy. You can take advantage of the convenient search tool or search by category to make your shopping experience fun and easy. In addition, there are industry news and information that are easily accessible on the site through their newsletters. Product manuals are also readily available on the site.

BearcatWarehouse.com can set up and optimize the features that you want for your scanner. They can also update your scanner with the latest firmware available. If you want to include your favourite list like country police and fire departments, BearcatWarehouse.com can also set it up for you. For whatever additional custom programming that you wish to add, all you have to do is to call or email them.

The Home Patrol-1 has a very simple programming. You just enter your zip code or city and automatically, Home Patrol-1 will select the channels that are available in your area. You are also free to choose the specific area that you need to hear any alerts be it National, Civil, Biological or Nuclear in nature.

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