UFC 168 Aftermath

UFC 168 Aftermath

Some thoughts on the recently concluded UFC 168 card:

Travis Browne is a legit contender. He’s in it to win it. Whenever he steps into the octagon, destruction is bound to happen. That is what actually took place when he finished Josh Barnett with a first round knock out via elbows to the side of the head. This was similar to the punishment he did to Gabriel Gonzaga a couple of bouts ago. I see Browne earning a title shot next year or perhaps facing Werdum (which he’ll pretty much demolish) first since Velasquez is injured.

Ronda Rousey is the epitome of focus and competitiveness. She’s highly skilled. She’s deserves to become a champion and I think she will be a champion for a long time. But I was routing for Tate during their fight.

Anderson Silva’s leg injury was damn sick. I feel bad for the guy. I still think Fedor is the Greatest of All Time but Silve is up there with the elites. I am not sure if he’ll come back. It’s to early to tell but given his age, I think it will be hard return. But heck, he’s Anderson Silva. Anything can happen. As for the undisputed champ, Chris Weidman, congratulations! I hope he’ll smash Vitor Belfort who seems to be challenging every UFC main event winner for the past few months.

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