UFC 100 Made History

ufc-100Because my MMA blog is having some “attack” problems, I will post my MMA thoughts here. Last Sunday, UFC 100 took place. The event headlined two championship bouts, one of which is the UFC Welterweight Championship (170lbs) match between the French-Canadian Georges St-Pierre (the champion) and the Brazilian Striker Thiago Alves (contender). Many people thought that this would be the toughest test for St-Pierre, but the Welterweight champion simply dominated Alves by using effective takedowns and ground control. Alves, the heavily favored between the two in the striking department, wasn’t able to deliver a significant amount of damage to the champion. St-Pierre retained the title by a unanimous decision win. During the post fight interview with Joe Rogan, St-Pierre said that he’s done with proving that he’s the champion. He’s now focused on proving to the world that he’s the number one fighter, pound-for-pound. Rogan also asked St-Pierre if he has plans of going up to the Middleweight Division (185lbs) to face Anderson Silva. GSP has no straight answer, but he is considering it. This leaves us with the question of who’s capable of beating GSP in the Welterweight Division?

The other championship fight that took place was for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Former WWE Superstar and current UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar defended his title against Frank Mir, who defeated Lesnar in their first encounter via submission hold (knee bar), 17 months ago. This served more as a revenge bout for Lesnar than a title defense. The fight only lasted for two rounds, with Lesnar destroying Mir with heavy blows. Lesnar was able to put Mir on the ground and trapped him by the fence. After a series of undefended blows from Lesnar, referee Herb Dean stopped the fight. Lesnar showed some shades of WWE antics when he continued to talk trash in front of Mir’s wrecked face. Lesnar even raised two dirty fingers to the booing crowd. During the interview with Joe Rogan, Lesnar dumped the major beer sponsor of UFC and even gave some dirty remarks that involved his wife. During the press interview, Lesnar apologized to the public for his unsportsmanlike actions and dirty gestures.

The best part of the night for me was the powerful knock out punch of Dan Henderson that put the British star Michael Bisping, down on the mat, sleeping. Henderson’s follow-up punch that further drilled the sleeping Brit deeper into the realms of dreamland aroused a series of mixed reactions from the fans and the MMA industry. Personally, I think Henderson didn’t have that malicious intent to drive his fist on Bispings helpless mouth. It was simply a fighter’s instinct to continue fighting until the referee stops the bout. Henderson made a mistake by telling Rogan that the second punch was simply to shut him up. That remark, I think was the factor that led to negative reactions. Honestly, I am happy about Bisping’s KO defeat because I really didn’t like his behavior in The Ultimate Fighter. He was a complete trash talker and a bully. Henderson even admitted that the second punch felt good. After this huge win by Henderson, it is up to Dana White if he will put up a championship rematch between Hendo and The Spider. Or perhaps Henderson could face the winner of the Marquardt-Maia bout for the #1 contender slot.

The UFC Hall of Famer and the Godfather of Ground and Pound, Mark “The Hammer” Coleman, won via unanimous decision over “The American Psycho”, Stephan Bonnar. I’ve been a huge Mark Coleman fan and I am glad to see him win. I don’t think he will be having another title shot but it’s good to see him dominate some guys in the UFC.

The UFC 100 night was filled with exciting bouts and controversies. Fighters rose to the occasion. Fighters fell and stood up to fight another day. The MMA phenomenon is rapidly taking the center stage.

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