Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

What are the factors that can influence our decisions on the things that we buy? What are the thoughts that come in our heads when we compare a certain product of one brand against another of a different brand? Do we really deceive ourselves when we think that we are making rational choices regarding the things that we spend our money on? Can we consider childhood memories, religious beliefs and even sense of smell as factors that affect our buying habits? These are just some of the questions that require an extensive amount of study in order to be answered accurately.

In the book Buyology – Truth and Lies About Why We Buy, Martin Lindstrom tackled an ambitious research project that will determine what actually goes inside our heads when we see an advertisement, hear a marketing slogan, watch a television program sponsored by a major company, or taste two rival brands of soda. The research project employed the latest procedures in brain scanning technology and called out the participation of approximately 2000 volunteers. The book also tackled the study of neurology and neural marketing.

Question: If someone asks you to buy his lucky stone for a certain amount of price, will you buy it? What if the person says that this piece of rock was picked up by Neil Armstrong in 1969 during his Apollo 11 Mission? Will you pay for it?

“You will look at consumer and producer behavior in an entirely new light.” – Philip Kotler, Ph.D. Professor of International Marketing

Buyology can be bought at any Fully Booked branch at it costs 750 Pesos. You may also order the book online at Martin Lindstrom Dot Com. For more information regarding the book and other works of Martin Lindstrom, check out his website.

Martin Lindstrom was selected by TIME Magazine as one of the world’s 100 most influential people of 2009. Buyology hit the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the USA Today best-seller list.

“Written like a fast-paced detective novel, Buyology unveils what neuro-marketers know” – Dr. Mehmet C. Oz – author of YOU – The Owners Manual

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