Trumpet Accessories

A musical instrument that has the highest register in the brass family, the trumpet is also used as a signaling device in battle or hunting. The history of trumpets started way back to at least 1500 BC. Since the 15th century, the presence of trumpet as musical instrument has long been known. You see the use of trumpets in art music styles like in orchestra and in concert bands. In widely held music styles like jazz, there is also a spot for trumpets.

When you play trumpet, you blow air through an almost closed lips. This way you produce a buzzing sound instituting a standing wave vibration in the air column within the instrument. In the late 15th century, trumpets are predominantly made of brass tubing. It is normally bent twice to shape it into rounded oblong. Trumpets are available in different types. The trumpet with B♭ pitch and a tubing length of about 1.48 m (4 ft 10 in) is very common. Trumpets have no valves during the early days of this instrument. However, today’s modern instrument already have three piston valves. A rare type with three rotary valves is also available. Just like in any other musical instruments, there are many trumpet accessories available and they offer various functions and purposes. For trumpet players, each accessory is supposed to be absolutely crucial for a great performance. One of the most widely used trumpet accessories is the mute. It allows the trumpet to deliver a clear, brilliant sound and setting an extensive vibrant range with steady intonation.

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