Total Pharmacy Supply

A lot of independent, long-term care, hospital and chain pharmacies nationwide get their pharmacy supplies from Total Pharmacy Supply. A wholesale distributor, its wide range of products include dispensing supplies and equipment, medication compliance aids, forms, medical equipment, bags, prescription packaging and a whole lot more. In the competitive industry of pharmacy supplies and healthcare products, TPS has been one of the leading distributors ever since. Part of their commitment is to look forward to the needs of their customers. As an innovative leader in the business of wholesale distribution, Total Pharmacy Supply always make it a point to have a collaborative relationship not only with its workforce but in the same manner with its customers and vendors. Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of TPS and they strive to provide the highest level of customer care always. This is their way of doing something out of the ordinary.

Total Pharmacy Supply has been in the business for more than two decades already. Together with a team of professional associates, TPS has been committed in delivering excellent customer care ever since. All stakeholders can expect financial security as well as opportunities for growth from TPS and they can be assured that everything is done with utmost respect. Total Pharmacy Supply always provides an environment of open communication and they make sure that there is always room for improvement for all their partners in the business. Aside from total customer satisfaction, TPS is also a firm believer of quality and integrity. The founder of Total Pharmacy Supply is DR. Tanvir Hossain who initially worked as a dentist in his roots India. Then he got a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto Leslie Dan School. With years of experience as a dentist and as a registered pharmacist in Ontario, Canada, Dr. Hossain saw an opportunity to set-up a business that will serve products needed by Canadian Pharmacy owners and operators which are readily available from the US and in Europe. Now, TPS is also available online through

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