Tiger Woods Mistress Count, Going Up!

Now it’s the seventh! During the Thanksgiving week, woman after another has been rumored as mistress of golf superstar Tiger Woods. It’s not just one or two but the Tiger Woods mistress count have reached seven and still counting! At first it came as shocking news. It seems hard to believe because the Tiger Woods that we know is a role model not only for his golf competence, but as a devoted father and husband.


As the Tiger Woods mistress count continues, let’s meet the infamous “lucky number 7”. Holly Sampson is the 7th to be revealed as alleged mistress of Tiger Woods. Apparently, Sampson did not confirm nor deny the rumors. The news about her being Tiger’s mistress was reported by the British tabloid The Sun. Holly is doing adult film and the Emmanuelle 2000 series are just some of the films credited to her.

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