Ticket Issued to Driver Wearing Google Glass

On October 30, 2013 Cecilia Abadie from California was issued a traffic ticket for speeding. This could have been just a normal thing for the Californian woman but what seems bizarre about the incident is that she was pulled over and issued with a ticket not only for speeding but also for Google Glass while driving. As it turned out, watching TV while driving is prohibited in the Californian law and Ms. Abadie who was wearing the smart spectacles while driving was cited for breaking that law. However, attest that the device was turned off at the time she was driving and so she is now contemplating to take legal action and fight the ticket.Ms. Abadie took a photo of the ticket that was issued to her and shared it using her page on the Google+ social network. According to her documentation of the incident, she was cited by the policeman for driving at 80mph (128km/h) in a 65mph zone on Interstate 15 in San Diego. In addition, she was also cited for “driving with monitor visible to driver (Google Glass)”. A spokesperson for the Californian Highway Patrol told BBC that Cecilia Abadie has violated State Vehicle code 27602.

Ticket issued to driver wearing Google Glass might be covered by exceptions in the 27602 code such as displays that show GPS, maps or anything that can help “enhance or supplement the driver’s view”.

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