The World Of Television

LCD and plasma are the kinds of flat-screen televisions available in the market. On the surface they look the same but actually, they function in different ways. The advantages and disadvantages are also very different. LCD television does not always mean high definition and wide screen because there are also 4:3 aspect ratio and standard definition LCD TVs available. For the kitchen, bedroom and small TV room, an LCD TV is a much better choice.

If it’s a bigger screen that you need, Plasma TVs are recommended. LCD TVs are available up to 65” and soon there will be 82” available in the market. Now if you want to bring your viewing experience to the next level, the thing to consider is High Definition Television. HDTV uses digital signal at higher resolutions so that the images appear clearer and totally detailed. Most cable providers offer high definition television channels and because of its increasing popularity, HD technology will soon be standardized. Speaking of resolutions, the best used so far is the 1080p High Definition or the HD Holy Grail. It can display every pixel of the highest-resolution HD broadcasts. The Blu-Ray DVD players can display Blu-Ray video at 1080p. In the same manner that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 can display games also at 1080p.

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