The Tragic Death of a Rangers Fan

The game between Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics last Thursday evening is all over the Internet right now. It’s not really about the game, but rather because one of the Texas Rangers fans died after falling from the stand. Apparently, the fan was trying to catch the ball that was thrown to the spectators by All-Star outfielder Josh Hamilton. The man was identified as Shannon Stone from Brownwood City. He works as a firefighter and he was watching the game with his son when the tragedy happened. According to San Francisco Chronicle, the game was already on the second inning when the fateful incident happened. There were also reports that said Shannon Stone actually requested Josh Hamilton to throw the ball towards him.

Stone was on the left side of the stand. A guy named Ronnie Hargis, who sat next to Stone, saw how it happened. He said, “He went straight down. I tried to grab him, but I couldn’t,” Hargis said. “I tried to slow him down a little bit.”

Stone was on the part of the stand that is more or less 20 feet high. When he hit the ground, he was actually conscious but unfortunately went to full arrest as he was being rushed to the nearest hospital by an ambulance. He was pronounced DOA at the Fort Worth Hospital.

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