The Season Premier of Breaking Bad

The Season Premier of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a successful TV show that showcases the wonderful world of Chemistry. The audience gets fascinated as the show explains the chemistry aspects of how things are happening. Some loyal viewers of Breaking Bad include chemical industry executives, academics and shareholders. Ross Kozarsky, a chemical engineer who advises chemical and materials companies at Lux Research, is an avid fan of the show and he said, “It’s great to see chemistry become cool again.”

Breaking Bad accounts the life of a high school Chemistry teacher, Walter White, who is in his early 50s, suffering from midlife crisis. To top it all, he is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Actor Bryan Cranston portrays the role of Walter White. Cranston is joined by fellow Emmy winner Aaron Paul who plays the role of Jesse Pinkman. Together, they will return for Season 4 of Breaking bad.

According to the creator of the show, Vince Gilligan, “I put a premium on us getting the details right in every aspect of the show,” he said. “Chemistry is all about molecules and substances undergoing a change from one state into another.” Gilligan also said that the show attracts viewers to have careers in science which is for the economy.

Scott Goginsky appreciates what the show is doing for the chemical industry. Goginsky is an investment adviser at the Biondo Group, a shareholder for DuPont.

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