The Playday Campaign Gets Support from Austin Healey

Rugby superstar Austin Healey enjoyed a wonderful career for more than a decade playing both for the club and for the country. Healey is now retired and is enjoying life with his family. He is also busy giving support to the Playday campaign, the objective of which is to encourage today’s young generation to spend less time with TV and computer games and have more quality time with family and friends. In one of his interviews, Healey said that the Playday campaign is personally close to his heart. Having four daughters himself, he couldn’t help but get involved, thus showing his support for the Playday campaign. He realized that children today really need to spend outdoor playing instead of just spending most of their time on computer games or watching TV.

He also added that there are a lot of things that kids can enjoy doing outside like exercising, playing with other kids and making friends. When asked for his opinion regarding parents who prevent their kids from going and playing outside because they fear that their kids might just get hurt or whatever of that sort, he said that he understands their anxiety but he considers them as part of our everyday lives. He even shared that during his childhood days, he had his share of cuts and scratches but they did not prevent them from enjoying outdoor activities.

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