The Microsoft Courier

If you’ve been waiting for the Apple Tablet, then you better shift gears and take a look at the Microsoft Courier. This is Microsoft’s answer to the rival Apple Tablet. Well the Apple Tablet is still just a big ball of hype and we are not yet sure if this product will really be a tangible one or not.


The Microsoft Courier opens like a notebook. It has two opposing screens and a home button placed at the hinge that connects the two screens. On the rim of one of the screens, the battery life, wireless signal and other miscellaneous statuses are displayed. The interface is pen-dominated and it features several multitouch finger gestures with unique functions such as turning a virtual page or paper and expanding or opening an item.

There is still very little information about the Microsoft Courier. For the following days and weeks, I’ll be raking for fresh updates from Microsoft about their highly anticipated gadget. I wonder how Apple will deal with the pressure of releasing their own tablet. It’s always fun to watch and be in the middle of gadget wars.

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