The Fentanyl Lollipop – Tickle Your Tastebuds fentanyl-lollipop

see Okay, this is not an advertisement. In the world of addiction, reports show that a narcotic painkiller can be addictive. The said painkiller called Fentanyl lozenges or follow Fentanyl lollipop which actually resembles a lollipop is normally used to provide relief to cancer patients. This pain reliever is also known as Antiq. It tastes sweet and since it is in the form of a lollipop, it is easy to administer.

buy paper comics online Unfortunately, pleasure seekers have discovered the misuse of Fentanyl lollipop and started the illegal sales of the said drug. It is now being illegally sold to drug addicts under the nickname “perc-a-pop.”

see Perc-a-pop is increasing in sales, beating its rival, Chupa Chups. Just kidding.