The Demigod PC Game

Demigod PC Game How to Play Demigod

Chris Taylor’s Gas Powered Games which became popular for its RTS Supreme Commander and action-RPG series Dungeon Siege developed an instantaneous, premeditated strategy video game called Demigod.

The game is a mixture of action, RPG and RTS obviously from the genres of the earlier mentioned games. Partly enthused by WarCraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, Demigod features wide-ranging role playing elements.

How to play Demigod. The player gets to choose and control one amongst certain heroes and be poised to battle using his own unique strengths or by building smaller units and structures to gain support. Player goes to the next level by defeating other would-be gods until he joins the Pantheon.

Just last week, I was able to grab a copy of this game. I played Conquest Type battles against AI for a couple of days and I enjoyed using The Rook and The Torch Bearer. I downloaded Game Ranger so I can compete with other players around the world. During my first encounter with a human player, I was defeated. Actually I was owned. The fight was pretty tight during the first half of the match but my opponent eventually gained advantage during the latter part and slaughtered my hero multiple times. He used The Rook and I used the Torch Bearer.

My second encounter with human beings was no different from the first one. It was a 2-on-2 warfare between the tandem of Unclean Beast and Regulus, the angelic sniper, and the pair of Oak and The Rook (me). We were owned quickly. I guess I need more training before I finally beat a human player. I need to practice on how to play Demigod in a more strategic approach.

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