The 787 First Flight

essay on my national language Before the year 2009 ends, the go to site 787 First Flight is expected according to Boeing. Last June 24, ATWOnline disclosed about a certain setback. Not until then when the manufacturer anticipated that accounting homework help 787 First Flight will be delivered to customer ANA by first quarter of 2010. 787-first-flight According to the airlines, they were really disappointed about the further delay. Furthermore, Boeing revealed that the production rate of 10 Dreamliners every month will not be achieved. Therefore, a second production line will be necessary that will last until the fourth quarter of 2013. At that time, there will also be no delivery of bigger, longer-range 787-9. A $2.5 billion noncash charge was also disclosed for the current quarter due to the fact that the first three of six flight test aircraft are not commercially marketable anymore due to massive adaptation work.