Tambourine from Musician’s Friend

The tambourine may not have the cult following just like the cow bell has but this member of the percussion family actually has a distinctive sound.  You can play the tambourine in so many ways to add a subtle element in the music. A traditional tambourine has a drum head but most of them now, do not. You have the best options of tambourine from Musicians Friend. Some of the top rated tambourines include the Sound Percussion PDM2016M-R Tambourinewith Calfskin Head, LMI TransparentTambourine with Head, Rhythm Band Radiant SeriesTambourine, Cannon Percussion Double-Row Tambourine, Meinl Foot TambourineSteel Jingles Black, Rhythm Band Dove Tambourine,  Remo Economy Tambourines, CP Single Row Tambourine, and RhythmTech SoloTambourine, among others. You can also take note of the famous brands available including Cannon Percussion, CB Percussion, Gon Bops, LMI, LP, Meini, and Nino.

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