Tama Drums for Sale

In 1965 Hoshino Gakki first introduced Tama as Star Drums, from his name Hoshino which means “star field in Japanese. Hoshino’s subsidiary Tama Seisakusho manufactured the drums for Star Drums in addition to the Ibanez guitars and amplifiers which Tama Seisakusho started manufacturing in 1962. However in 1966 the production of guitars and amps was moved out of the factory and only the production of drums remained. They introduced two higher lines of drum models to the American market which they called Imperial Star and Royal Star. Compared to the more expensive American-made drums, the Imperial star and Royal Star are lower-cost drums which made them a huge success.

After making a concerted effort to manufacture high quality drums and hardware, Hoshino started to market the drums under the Tama brand in 1974. Tara means “jewel” in Japanese and it was used to honor the owner’s wife. Until today, Tama’s drum models continue to use “star” in their names in keeping with the heritage of the company. There are different models of Tama drums at Guitar Center that you can choose from.

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