White Collar Will Be Missed

http://www.chesszone.org/lib/electronic-thesis-and-dissertation-10283.html Last night I watched the last episode of the White Collar series. It was a great ending to say the least. Or perhaps “great ending” was an understatement. Somehow it felt like the story was a bit cramped up. Only six episodes for the final season? You gotta be kidding me! Oh well, regardless of that, it was still a blast watching Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke and Mozzie, strut their stuff every single episode.

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https://philmckinney.com/research-paper-service-quality-banks/ Peter Burke was a very solid character. And many viewers will see him as a role model. He is firm with his principles. And he’s very dedicated with his job and his family. A true man of honor indeed.


enter site Mozzie can be seen as the genius. He is a pivotal character in the series. He is the man behind the success of Neal, and even the FBI. His intelligence, critical thinking, craftsmanship  and unique set of skills made me admire his character. thesis book table of contents (more…)


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