Evans Defeats Ortiz – UFC 133 Results

Evans Defeats Ortiz UFC 133 Results

UFC 133 served as a catalyst for several fighters’ climb to the upper rankings of their respective divisions. “Sugar” Rashad Evans proved that he is the top contender for the Light Heavyweight title after defeating the re-invigorated, Tito Ortiz. Evans came from a long 14-month inactivity due to a knee injury while Tito Ortiz just came off an impressive submission victory over Ryan Bader last month in UFC 132.

Round 1. Evans opened up the fight with great hand speed and footwork. Ortiz tried to exchange with the Ultimate Fighter winner and eventually attempted for a takedown. Ortiz held Evans for a bit but struggled to completely take the top control. After Evans went back on his feet, he swarmed Ortiz with combinations and caught a huge takedown. Evans continued to swarm Ortiz with punches and elbows until the bell rang, signifying the end of the first round.

Round 2. In the second round, Ortiz seemed a little tentative with his striking, Evans continued to use his speed advantage and secured another takedown, but this time, Ortiz held on to a guillotine choke attempt. The choke hold was tight and Evans seems to be in big trouble but he kept his composure and was able to escape the submission attempt. Evans regained top control on the side and rained down blows on Ortiz. I saw Ortiz doing his best to roll out of the bottom position, using the wall as a springboard for a possible reversal. But Evan’s top control was solid and caught Ortiz in a crucifix position. Ortiz’s last significant offensive move was a knee bar attempt which was easily shrugged off by Evans. When Ortiz got to his knees, Evans connected a lethal knee blow to his solar plexus (between the chest and the stomach region). Ortiz was visibly hurt, tumbled down and curled up. Evans jumped on the opportunity and rained more blows to the aching Ortiz. Referee Dan Miragliotta stops the fight with 12 seconds remaining in the second round.

Title shot for Rashad Evans. Sugar was supposed to face Shogun Rua for the title on UFC 128, but because of a knee injury, he was sidelined and his former training partner, Jon Jones, replaced him and captured the title. He was then supposed to fight Jones for the title on UFC 133 but Jones was sidelined due to another injury. The championship seems to evade Evans. After winning this fight, Evans is again in line for the title and he will face the winner between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and current champion, Jon “Bones” Jones. I personally want to see a Bones vs Sugar fight but a rematch with Rampage can also be interesting.

What’s next for Ortiz? I’d rather make a separate blog post about it.

Vitor Belfort wins Vitor Belfort style. And the “Phenom” is back after knocking out Yoshihiro Akiyama in the first round. Belfort showed to the world why he became so popular and one of the most feared strikers in MMA by quickly demolishing “Sexyama” with devastating punches. Rogan mentioned that Belfort is still the most dangerous contender for Anderson Silva’s title even though he was knocked out in their last fight. If the KO didn’t happen, Silva could have been in a huge trouble. Let’s see if Belfort gets another title shot after SIlva faces Yushin “Thunder” Okami on UFC 134/Rio.

Brian Ebersole stops Hallman. Ebersole defeats another seasoned UFC veteran by putting out Dennis “Superman” Hallman. Ebersole was also given an additional $70,000 for the “thanks for getting those horrifying shorts off TV as soon as possible” bonus.

MacDonald is a rising star. Another stand-out in the UFC 133 event was Rory MacDonald who defeated UFC veteran, Mike Pyle via TKO in the first round. Rogan said MacDonald may be the next GSP or he could be even better.

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UFC Debut of James Toney Will Be Against Couture

The professional boxer and MMA fighter hopeful, James “Light’s Out” Toney called out Dana White during UFC 108 and showed his interest in fighting as a mixed martial artist. And just recently, it was announced that Toney will be having his UFC and MMA debut on the 28th of August, in the UFC 118 event at Boston. His debut fight will be a very serious test because he will be taking on the former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight champion and Hall of Famer, Randy “The Natural” Couture.

Toney, who owns a TKO win against Evander Holyfield, is coming into the MMA world at the age of 41. Most of us might count him out. But boxers who transition to MMA either make it big or they simply get owned by more well-rounded MMA fighters. Pro-boxer Rubin Williams tried his chances when he faced MMA Legend Kazushi Sakuraba last October 2009. He was pummeled with leg kicks, taken down quickly and got submitted via kimura (arm lock) in the first round. On the other hand, former WBO World Heavyweight Champ and Olympic Gold Medalist Rey Mercer took out the former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia in just 9 seconds via knock out.

Boxers will always have the “puncher’s chance” coming into the world of MMA. And on UFC 118, we can witness a stunning upset if Toney shows his A-game. Toney needs to work on his take down and submission defense. I am expecting Couture to take the fight to the ground and use his grappling advantage over the boxer although we all know that Couture also has decent boxing skills.

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UFC 103 Franklin vs Belfort


The Phenom, Vitor Belfort, is back in the UFC, and he will be welcomed by none other than Rich “Ace” Franklin on UFC 103.

UFC 103 Franklin vs Belfort fight video is stacked with exciting match ups including the heavyweight clash between Junior dos Santos and Mirko Crocop. dos Santos was able to impress the UFC fans by winning back to back fights via knock out. One was against the highly regarded Fabricio Werdum and the other was against the 6 foot 11 Stefan Struve. Crocop is coming off a TKO victory against Mustapha Al-turk and is hungry to redeem himself and get back to the top of the heavyweight division heap.

Vitor Belfort started his UFC career way back in 1994 where he dismantled his opponents with his quick and powerful hands. He is also a former UFC Light Heavyweight champion. He said in an interview that he will be using the art of karate in his fight with Franklin. Belfort is coming off a back-to-back knock out win over Terry Martin and Matt Lindland in the now defunct Affliction events.


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UFC 100 Made History

ufc-100Because my MMA blog is having some “attack” problems, I will post my MMA thoughts here. Last Sunday, UFC 100 took place. The event headlined two championship bouts, one of which is the UFC Welterweight Championship (170lbs) match between the French-Canadian Georges St-Pierre (the champion) and the Brazilian Striker Thiago Alves (contender). Many people thought that this would be the toughest test for St-Pierre, but the Welterweight champion simply dominated Alves by using effective takedowns and ground control. Alves, the heavily favored between the two in the striking department, wasn’t able to deliver a significant amount of damage to the champion. St-Pierre retained the title by a unanimous decision win. During the post fight interview with Joe Rogan, St-Pierre said that he’s done with proving that he’s the champion. He’s now focused on proving to the world that he’s the number one fighter, pound-for-pound. Rogan also asked St-Pierre if he has plans of going up to the Middleweight Division (185lbs) to face Anderson Silva. GSP has no straight answer, but he is considering it. This leaves us with the question of who’s capable of beating GSP in the Welterweight Division?

The other championship fight that took place was for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Former WWE Superstar and current UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar defended his title against Frank Mir, who defeated Lesnar in their first encounter via submission hold (knee bar), 17 months ago. This served more as a revenge bout for Lesnar than a title defense. The fight only lasted for two rounds, with Lesnar destroying Mir with heavy blows. Lesnar was able to put Mir on the ground and trapped him by the fence. After a series of undefended blows from Lesnar, referee Herb Dean stopped the fight. Lesnar showed some shades of WWE antics when he continued to talk trash in front of Mir’s wrecked face. Lesnar even raised two dirty fingers to the booing crowd. During the interview with Joe Rogan, Lesnar dumped the major beer sponsor of UFC and even gave some dirty remarks that involved his wife. During the press interview, Lesnar apologized to the public for his unsportsmanlike actions and dirty gestures.


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