Elin Nordegren’s New Boyfriend Used to Date Rachel Uchitel

Elin Nordegren, former wife of Tiger Woods, is now in Sweden but still cannot elude the limelight. She is now all over the news as the photo of her and her new boyfriend Jamie Dingman, kissing and hugging, recently took center stage on the Web. Jamie Dingman is a marketing executive and the son of a billionaire tycoon. Apparently, Dingman was once romantically involved with Rachel Uchitel. As history showed, Rachel was one of the many women Tiger Woods allegedly had an affair. Talk about small world!

Rachel was also quoted saying, “Yeah, I Dated Elin’s New Boyfriend!” according to rumors, there was even a time when Tiger and Jamie had an overlap, both having affairs with Rachel, but Jamie gave in to Woods and jokingly told Rachel, “That ok.  I’ll date his wife, Elin.”

And there’s more, at the heights of the Tiger Woods’ womanizing issues, Jamie Dingman was still sharing a home in Miami. If Jen Madden ring a bell, well she actually started it all! She was the “informer” or the so called “reliable source” about the Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel illicit affair. Apparently, she overheard Rachel and Jamie talking about her relationship with Woods in her Miami home. It seems that Elin and Rachel really have “something in common”.

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Accenture Ends Relationship with Tiger Woods

Accenture ends relationship with Tiger Woods following his announcement of going to an indefinite break in connection with the recent controversies he was involved with. Tiger Woods have had a successful partnership with Accenture for the past six years. His enormous achievements in golf on the other hand have provided the company streams of advertising success. Unfortunately, because of infidelity issues linking the golf legend to a number of women, the company decided to end the sponsorship and has issued a statement saying “…he is no longer the right representative for its advertising”.


The news about Accenture ends relationship with Tiger Woods was announced last December 13, 2009.

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Tiger Woods Mistress Count, Going Up!

Now it’s the seventh! During the Thanksgiving week, woman after another has been rumored as mistress of golf superstar Tiger Woods. It’s not just one or two but the Tiger Woods mistress count have reached seven and still counting! At first it came as shocking news. It seems hard to believe because the Tiger Woods that we know is a role model not only for his golf competence, but as a devoted father and husband.


As the Tiger Woods mistress count continues, let’s meet the infamous “lucky number 7”. Holly Sampson is the 7th to be revealed as alleged mistress of Tiger Woods. Apparently, Sampson did not confirm nor deny the rumors. The news about her being Tiger’s mistress was reported by the British tabloid The Sun. Holly is doing adult film and the Emmanuelle 2000 series are just some of the films credited to her.

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Tiger Woods Christmas Picture

People will not leave him alone, even just for the holiday season when people are supposed to be kind and doing good deeds. Following the scandal that rocked the world of sports and entertainment just last week, a spoof Tiger Woods Christmas picture has spread all over the Internet fast.


It features Tiger all beat up beside his wife Elin. It’s a mock photo of what the couple is going through at the moment. Allegedly, when she found out he is having an affair with another woman, she scratched his face and chased him with a golf club. Eventually, said incident lead to an accident. However, both parties have kept their mums about the allegations. The photo may have been hilarious but in reality, this issue is a serious matter.

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