Slowing Down on a Task

When you’re given a task, try not to rush through it. Try not to aim for a quick finish so you can proceed onto your next to-do. Why not reflect on the task at hand first? Analyze the given task and slowly begin working on it, being mindful as you break it down into smaller and easier tasks.

Savor the idea that you are capable of doing such task. Simplify things. As mentioned, try to break down the task into smaller bits of easier and simpler tasks. Then slowly work on each bit one by one.

Try to be very cautious, precise and accurate. Aim for 0% error output. The more cautious you are, the more effective you will be. You don’t have to finish first. You’re better off finishing with the highest quality output.

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Why Go Slow?

This is a very simple question that I think deserves a very clear answer. Why go slow?

Perhaps this can be answered in very simple words. Answering this question can also be done slowly, making sure that the person who asked this question can fully understand the answer.

Going slow has lots of benefits. Being slow reduces stress. You may say that the previous statement seems a bit vague and assuming. So I’ll expound a bit. Doing things at a slower pace keeps us in a relaxed state even if we are doing many things every single day. Rushing is a major contributor of physical and mental stress. Rushing causes human errors or unexpected mistakes that can hinder a person’s development. Mistakes can be very bothering. Worrying too much about your mistakes causes stress.

Prevent rushing by living a slow life. Working slowly can provide tons of benefits towards a person’s productivity, contrary to what many people are thinking. Slow, accurate and calculated actions can eliminate repetition of tasks due to unexpected mistakes. Being mindful and slow with your actions can greatly reduce errors because you tend to put your 100% focus on every small actions that you make.

More answers to this questions on my upcoming posts.

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It’s Time to be Slow

This will be a series of articles that I will be writing on this blog.

Breathe. Relax. Don’t worry, this article won’t be too long. You’ll be able to read everything in this post in just a few minutes.

But why dare to read quickly? Why not read slowly? Why not read at a slow pace, mindfully absorbing the message of the article? I dare you to do it now. Just breeze through the letters, the words, the sentences. Read through them as if that is the only thing that you need to do on that given moment. Savor the words. Absorbed the context. Chew on the topic. Assess what you’ve read. Generate your insights.

Wasn’t that fun? I won’t be forcing you to apply “slowness” to your life. You might actually despise slowness. It’s boring and inefficient. It’s less productive. But that may be a point of view of some people who love the fast paced life. So I encourage you to listen up. Open you ears. Open your mind and give the idea of “slowness” one shot. You may love it or you may hate it. But my request is for you to at least try it.

I enjoyed writing this article. Everything was at peace. The letters are falling into their proper places as I click on the individual keys. This is just an introduction to a long series of posts about slowness and mindful living. I’ll catch you later then.

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