Seat Belt Cutter

For a wide variety of safety knives, safety cutters, and box cutters, choose Martor USA. Most of these products have unique, patented safety features. They have the largest range of safety knives and safety cutters namely Smart Knives, Spring Loaded Knives, Bladeless Cutters, Concealed Blade Cutters, MIP Safety Knives, Fixed Blade Knives, Manually Retractable Knives, Deburring Tools, Hobby & Artwork Tools, Misc. Specialty Safety Knives, Tools & Replacement Parts, Rotary Blade Safety Knives, Safety Carpet Cutters, Safety Scissors, Scalpels, Scrapers, Seatbelt Safety Cutters and Snap-Off Blade Knives. All these products are synonymous to knife safety and accident prevention. (more…)

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