The Art of Virtual Lite Brite

follow link An electric toy that allowed users to make a lit picture was created by Hasbro in 1967. Now after more than four decades, Hasbro launched the Virtual Lite Brite. cheap viagra pills for sale How to play Virtual Lite Brite is a lot more fun and exciting this time. Visitors of the site are allowed to play with the Virtual game so it is expected to draw attention and gain popularity. It’s like creating a masterpiece when you learn viagra college stories how to play the Virtual Lite Brite. Initially you place multi colored translucent plastic pegs from the back of an opaque black paper. Then a light bulb is illuminated. The glowing picture is achieved when the spaces which are not blocked by the black paper conduct light.

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follow Artist Mark Beekman from Malvern, Pennsylvania used Virtual Lite Brite and created The Last Supper by Da Vinci. Using 124,418 pegs, the art piece with the size of 5’5″ by 11′ took almost fifteen months to finish. The first 100,000 pegs were sent by Hasbro and the rest were bought by Beekham. It was then auctioned on Ebay.

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