Am I a Swine Flu Victim?

swine-fluThese past few weeks, I’ve been suffering from different kinds of illnesses such as flu, fever, sore throat and coughs. Actually, I might as well include headache on the list. I recall one time when I was in the office, in front of my computer, while I nibbled on my tasks, I suddenly started to feel weird and awkward, my body got a little chilly and my head became heavy and clouded. Then after an hour my body just decided to stop working – I mean office work, not body functions, in case you got confused. My mind kept telling me, “Go work your ass out and perform well.” Then my body answered back with a sad look on his pretty face, “I can’t. I just can’t. I want my bed.” Then I packed my things and went straight home.

When I heard about the Swine influenza outbreak from my father a couple of weeks ago, I got a little scared, but honestly, I wasn’t really thinking of the worst thing that can happen. Well the worst thing you can think of about this disease or virus is the idea that you have been infected by it, nothing else. I am confident that I am Swine-Flu-Free though because first and foremost, I have not had any physical contact with a pig/hog/living pork. I was about to complete my list-of-reasons-why-I-am-swine-flu-free until I saw this piece of text from Wikipedia: Symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue.

Now I’m scared. If my illness-galore continues to wreak havoc after a week, I will definitely go to the doctor and have myself checked. Or should I go now?


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10 Useful Health Tips

Health and Fitness TipsHaving a healthy body is one way of enjoying life. I scavenged the Internet for some general tips on how to maintain a healthy body. Just for the record, I am not a health guru and I am just a typical 20-something dude who loves to eat meat and junk food.

Here’s a list of useful health tips obtained from the Health and Fitness Tips website:

1. Move More – Fhere are lots of ways to do this. You definitely know what you want so go on and move!
2. Cut Fat – It’s as simple as this, Too Much Fat -> Death.
3. Quit Smoking – I have heard this countless of times. Good thing I am not a smoker.
4. Reduce Stress – Living a stress free life is like breezing through your day-to-day activities without worrying about anything and taking challenges with a smile. Find a stress buster routine that suits you.
5. Protect Yourself from Pollution – Translation: Wear a mask.
6. Wear Your Seat Belt – This may be an odd tip but wearing a seat belt is really something that can save your life.
7. Floss Your Teeth – Here’s another odd tip. But according to recent studies, there exists a direct connection between teeth flossing and a person’s longevity and health awareness.
8. Avoid Excessive Drinking – Excessive drinking can lead to kidney and liver problems as well as cancer.
9. Keep a Positive Mental Outlook – Smile. Have a cheerful outlook in life.
10. Choose Your Parents Well – If you have unhealthy parents, don’t be sucked up to the fact that you will also be unhealthy whatever happens. Your health is in your hands.

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