Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Got the Approval of FEC

The Federal Election Commission has given Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert the go signal to set up a Political Action Committee, Super PAC. Colbert wanted the public to be aware of the latest campaign finance laws. Colbert will be enjoying a “media exemption” and will be free to discuss the said committee on his show. At the same time, if corporations or well-off individuals would like to donate to his committee, Colbert would be legally allowed to accept them.

Colbert got the idea of setting up the committee in connection to what some FOX News correspondents and some people in politics like Sarah Palin and Karl Rove are involved with. When they are being interviewed in news programs, they talk about PACs that they are involved with. According to reports also, Sarah Palin would even use the funds from PAC for personal use such as touring her family to different American landmarks.

There were cheering fans outside the hearing room. “Coordinators” even arrived to give support to the crowd and they were wearing red t-shirts with “COLBERT SUPER PAC” signs. Some Department of Homeland Security officers prevented them however from entering the hearing room. Fortunately, they were there not to provoke anything of sort and just stayed on the sidewalk.

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