Soulja Boy Buys a 55-Million Dollar Jet

Soulja Boy Buys a 55-Million Dollar Jet

As crazy as it may sound, hip-hop artist Soulja Boy just bought himself a customized Gulfstream jet worth 55 million US dollars. The jet alone is worth $35 million. The additional $20 million was for the customizations and upgrades.

And take note, Souja Boy, who’s real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, is only 21 years old. That makes him the youngest African American to own a Gulfstream jet. So much for a Guinness spotlight! Soulja Boy reached stardom when his single Crank That (Soulja Boy) became a number-one hit. He was also listed at #18 on the Forbes list of richest hip-hop artists.

Given the amount of wealth that Soulja Boy has acquired through out his career, I still personally think that buying such an expensive gift is not worth it. But we can never judge his reasons. That’s his hard earned money. He deserves to spend it on anything he wants. Who knows, on his 22nd birthday he might buy a private air strip!

Man, how I wish I could acquire such a huge amount of money. I might buy myself a customized space shuttle, buy a piece of land in the moon and build a castle there.

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