Siegel Display Products

If you want to make selling easy, you need to catch the attention of your buyers. You need to make it easy for your customers to help themselves. Using the right wire display racks and store fixtures will do the trick. There are a wide variety of Wire Store Displays and Grid Wall Racks available today that are easy to set up and easy to move. They are practical and economical and would really help a lot to make selling easy as pie.

If you have lots of merchandise but have limited space, use Siegel Display’s Revolving Point of Sale Display. It’s a 63″ H revolving rack with built-in sign holders and can hold up to 108 items. Now, if you have merchandise of different sizes, you can use Siegel Display’s Freestanding Gridwall Wire Display Racks. It is freestanding and hooks are movable so that you can adjust anytime. The Adjustable 5 Basket Wire Display Rack has easy-loading bins so that the merchandise is accessible to customers. If you need a display unit for different package sizes, you should use the Rotating Store Display with 16 Hooks. There are four 8” j hooks on every four rotators and they can be turned separately. A smaller Countertop Display Rack is also available.

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