Should I Buy a New Laptop?

With the surge of technology, gadgets have been invading our table tops, desks and bags. The continuous production of mobile machines has really made a huge impact in our lives. Three years ago, I got myself my first laptop or notebook computer. It has pretty decent specs that time. Today, my old laptop is already far outmatched by the brand new mobile computers being produced today.


So the question on my mind right now is, will I get myself a new laptop? A netbook perhaps? Right now, my answer is “I still don’t know”, although it is pretty tempting to buy one since there are lots of cheap and quality laptops and netbooks for sale in the market today. One reason is that just a year ago, I upgraded my desktop PC and it has quite a competitive set of specifications. My desktop’s performance is good enough to satisfy all my PC needs including gaming. If ever I plan to buy a new laptop, I’ll probably just use it for my blogging and other online activities. My desktop will, in turn, provide my gaming and multimedia cravings.

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