Cheap Scanning Software by Office Gemini

Cheap Scanning Software

Many companies are having a hard time catching up on their backlogs in converting paper files to electronic images. The same problem haunts those in the scanning service bureaus and scanning departments within large corporations. To deal with the problem, Office Gemini manufactures software products that are dedicated in the document management and document scanning industry. All their software products are distributed through a huge international network of value-added resellers (VARs). Aside from software products which include cheap scanning software, Office Gemini also provides implementation assistance, strategic document management and scanning consulting services. All their products and services are distributed equally to the end-users and their network of value-added resellers.

The sales and support specialists from Office Gemini are committed to make the end users and resellers understand the needs and desires of the market. The scanning service bureau industry is their expertise. If you want your company to be a complete paperless office, Office Gemini can direct you to any of their document management consultants who can provide assistance in the planning and implementation of your goal. In terms of quality of products, they only offer forceful products that are packed with outstanding features and they are reasonably priced too. They also make it a point that the products they offer operate easily and are user-friendly.

If you are looking for cheap scanning software for your company, Office Gemini can help you with one of their most popular products – the Diamond Vision. This comprehensive scanning solution can deliver powerful production level image and data capture. There are no limitations on scanning and OCR functions which means that there are no per click charges. Diamond Vision captures images and data and converts them to organized information that can easily be searched. Once converted to searchable information, they will be easily sent to any document management system or database.

The most obvious advantage of using Diamond Vision is that tracking costs, productivity and profitability is no longer time consuming. This is made possible using a detailed reporting tool that runs and grabs data. Calculations are done automatically when users scan, QC and Index documents within the system. This cheap scanning software called Diamond Vision is indeed one of the best solutions that Office Gemini can offer.

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