Salomon s Lab

When it comes to running hydration packs, the Salomon S Lab is a perfect investment. It is very light weight and the pockets and compartments are just enough if you will be running for hours. It is highly recommended especially if you want to get your money’s worth.

The Salomon S-Lab hydration set is a great choice when you are engaged in long distance trail running, primarily ultra running. Carrying bottles for ordinary running is fine but for long distance running like a 100 mile trail race, it is better to bring other necessities like flashlights, layers of clothes, batteries and extra food. You need something with additional storage capacity like the Salomon S Lab hydration set. It is a comfortable pack that you can wear for long hours that will not give you too much discomfort. One of the top selling running hydration packs is the Salomon XT Advanced Skin 5 S-Lab Pack. It offers absolute stability even for extreme trail running.

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