Reliable Colonix Reviews Expose Colonix

Publicized as one of the best known colon cleansers in the industry today, Colonix is recognized globally for cleansing and detoxification of the colon. People behind Colonix claim that this complete natural and vegetarian colon cleanser holds a high standard and delivers amazing results that we all been looking for in a colon cleanser.

Dr. Natura developed Colonix. His formula though is not well received by various users and apparently, Colonix doesn’t really work and is overpriced. Even the money back guarantee is a disappointment to many. Based on reliable Colonix reviews, this colon cleanser is not really a great product as it claims it is. It is true that the formula contains the right colon cleansing ingredients and is all natural. But the problem is that they are not present in the right amounts. Reliable Colonix reviews also show that a range of side effects have been associated with Colonix. According to reports, the side effects are abdominal pain, chronic headaches, weight gain, lower blood sugar levels, diarrhea, constipation, uneasiness during contractions, bloating, allergies and rashes.

Overall, Colonix as a colon cleanser failed to satisfy the expectations of customers. For those who would like to try are advised not to fall for the fiddle brought about by this product.

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