Reduce Health Care Cost with IncentaHealth

Reduce Health Care Cost

The latest craze in the health industry is this Internet-based program where the employers are going to pay their employees when they lose weight and maintain good health. The program is being offered by incentaHealth. The result of this employee weight loss program is long term and actually works both ways. On the surface, it may seem that the employees benefit the most because not only will they lose weight but they can start living healthy as well. However, corporations that will implement such programs are also on the receiving end because first and foremost, the program can help reduce health care cost for the company. In addition, having more employees who live healthy lives means increase in the productivity of the company.

The implementation of the program is very convenient through the use of the Internet. A customized lifestyle coaching is provided on a daily basis which will give employees constant and reliable support. Every year, incentaHealth sends more than three million tailored mails together with cash incentives. If you want to get instant and confidential feedback, the HEALTHspot Kiosk is always available. This Internet-based employee weight loss program does not only increase the workforce productivity and reduce health care cost, but it also lessens absenteeism if not eliminate.

The number of health care claims is getting higher and higher every year. One of the contributing factors is the equally increasing number of obesity and overweight problems. As a result, employers are spending millions of dollars not just because of health care claims going down the drain but also because of lost productivity. To deal with this dilemma, incentaHealth introduced a corporate wellness program which is very simple but a very powerful instrument that can help reduce health care cost much to the advantage of many corporations. The employee weight loss program is cost effective in the sense that this solution is manageable for the entire workforce and no additional staff is required. And because employees find the program meaningful and beneficial, typically the participation rate is more than 50% of the overweight employees in a specific worksite.

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