Raven Symone’s Reveals Slimmer Look and Weight Loss Secrets

Raven Symone is having a big comeback and she is sporting a new look. She now looks even better and a whole lot slimmer. Her secret? She said she got into a stress-free weight-loss plan and at the same time she also ended up rumors of her being pregnant. Raven had her share of the limelight when she starred in the Disney sensation “That’s So Raven”. Recently, she has been all over the news but this time it’s all about her intense weight lost and allegedly, she got pregnant and had a baby.

When Raven guested on The Wendy Williams show, she revealed to Williams how she lost 35-pounds and also cleared the rumors about the pregnancy. She said that while doing “That’s So Raven”, she was into a lot of stress which contributed to her weight gain.

Regarding her weight loss, Raven said it was more on not being stressed. She also added that she started to eat in smaller portions and fortunately, her body reacted positively and she started losing weight. Raven Symone now has a new ABC show entitled “Life with Georgia”. Incidentally, she will be playing a character that is supposed to be big. Now that she has this slim and trim figure, she would be needing to wear body pads just to look big.

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