Quality Karaoke Microphone

Ace Karaoke offers a wide variety of karaoke music CDs and karaoke machines. They also offer a large selection of quality karaoke microphones including Magic Mic Portable Karaoke Microphone/Magic Singalong Microphone, Magic Sing, and Enter-Tech Magic Microphone Karaoke Machine.

The latest craze in karaoke is the Magic Sing Microphone. This all-in-one quality karaoke microphone is very practical. The system has 2000 built-in songs and all you have to do is to plug it and you have an instant karaoke machine. You can use it at home or in your car or anywhere you like it. It is very functional and easy to use, you just click and enter the song number and you are ready to sing. The Magic Sing Microphone is a portable karaoke system that you can use in nay family gatherings, events and parties. The set includes the main microphone, cable, a stand, adapter, a song list and a carry bag.

Another innovation of quality karaoke microphone is the wireless professional microphone. You can also choose the wired professional microphone. Ace karaoke also offers microphone cables, stands and accessories.

The Enter-Tech’s top selling line of karaoke microphones are also popular. Its latest addition to its family of karaoke microphones is the Magic Sing ET-21KV multiplex karaoke microphone. You are bound to experience a complete music enjoyment in any of your events and gatherings. There’s a built-in LCD monitor and speakers. Now if you want a bigger picture and sound just connect the ET-21KV to another display and sound system. Included in the set are two wireless microphones and a remote control to allow you to sing from a comfortable distance.

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