Pull Handles

Pull handles are usually U shaped to provide both comfort and reliability. There are many different designs of pull handles to choose from. Whatever look and feel that you want for your cabinets or cupboards, there is that perfect pull handle available for you. At Reid Supply, they have a huge collection of pull handles which include Cabinet Hardware Pull Handles, Chest, Box & Drawer Pull Handles, Folding Pull Handles, Guard Pull Handles, Ledge & Angle Pull Handles, Molded Pull Handles, One-Sided Pull Handles, Recessed Pull Handles, Round, Oval & Rectangular Pull Handles, and Tubular Pull Handles.

Manufactured on the same U principle, the Tubular Pull handles offers the strength needed to bear up certain pressures. You can choose between stainless steel and aluminum tubular pull handle. There are different types of tubular pull handles depending on the design and finishing.

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