Princess Diana Newsweek Cover Causes Tension

On the cover of the July edition of Newsweek Magazine features Duchess Catherine of Cambridge and a digitally aged image of the late Princess Diana. Incidentally, the idea has received a lot of resentments from readers and even from the media commentators. They said that it was done in bad taste and feel that both Princess Diana and her eldest son’s wife Kate have been exploited. Not to mention that it does look creepy seeing Princess Diana walking side by side with Kate.

Newsweek thought of the idea of featuring the Princess of Wales on their latest cover to commemorate her 50th birthday. However, instead of using one from among the many fabulous and wonderful photos of Diana and in wanting to go to the next level, they decided to digitally create an image of Princess Diana at age 50. Newsweek’s Editor-in-chief Tina Brown who is also a Diana biographer even wrote an article of what it’s like if Princess Diana would still be alive today.

A lot of people reacted negatively on the article including the cover image. It was “Bad Taste Alert!” according to E! Online and CBS News said it is “creepy”.  Some online subscribers of Newsweek Magazine are also disappointed about the move. In defense of her article, Brown released a statement saying, “We wanted to bring the memory of Diana alive in a vivid image that transcends time and reflects my piece.”

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