Presslink Printing Solutions

It is very exhausting to work in a marketing department. There are so many printing requests that you have to deal with and in many ways, they are strenuous and time consuming. Make life easier with the help of Presslink’s managed print Program. It will teach you to find a well-designed system to routine marketing and print fulfillment tasks. Print requests from different departments in the company such as marketing, human resources, accounting, sales, all the way to the authorized end-users, business partners, distributors, resellers, affiliates and franchisees are well supported with this Managed Print Program which has 24/7 single source system and complete online management tools.

You do not only get printed materials with Presslink’s print fulfillment services. Presslink created scalable solutions applicable to all businesses including mid-sized organizations and multi-outlet companies. All the network of end-users of your company will be directly connected to the print and fulfillment services vendor. The print fulfillment services offered by Presslink can help your company to reduce dead cost from operations without prejudicing the excellent service level of the company. By providing an automated workflow, Presslink can also help lessen the administrative cost of the company. Eccentric spending is discourage therefore self-sufficiency is reassured.

To maintain control over brand and messaging, your company needs to have print management solutions that can help keep the brand consistent. This is the effective way to keep the brand in line. The color, the paper, the internal and external consistency must be ensured to keep the brand clean. Other important aspects that need to be taken into considerations include logo standards, color management, template-based products, customized pre-approved items, corporate approved image library, and collaborate proofing. A centralized self-service portal accessible 24-hour a day, 7-days a week, is a plus factor too. Presslink offers a simplified, single-source, online order management system that you can rely on anytime you need.

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