Portable Table Top Displays

Portable Table Top Displays

North Sculpture Displays is your one stop shop for all your exhibit ideas including Trade Show Displays, Portable Table Top Displays, Portable Partition Displays, Wall Panels & Bulletin Boards and Specialty Displays. All the presentation displays they offer are of highest quality. There’s a wide variety of sizes and colors available to make sure that any individual purpose will be served. With all the choices they provide to their customers, designing any display booth is never a problem. North Sculpture Displays has all the products you will need for your table top display booth. The idea of the portable table top displays is to answer the needs of their marketing customers. Visual aids and accessories can be easily attached using thumbtacks or Velcro. Each and every product they offer exudes versatility which comes in handy in any type of presentation purposes.

North Sculpture Displays offer Table Top Displays that are lightweight and portable. They have durable metal hinges that allows 360 degree folding. Finding a match for the color motif of the presentation booth is never a problem because there are 100 vibrant colors to choose from. Clients also have choices of two-, three-, four-, five- or more panel combinations.You need not worry bringing your table top displays to meetings and conferences because they have lightweight but heavy-duty cases for protection.

If you prefer to be fashionable, you can choose a portfolio case to carry your table top display. Canvas cases are also available and they are the most lightweight carrying cases available. If your table top displays are to be shipped, there are shipping carrying cases that can be used. You may also choose to bring it with you as you travel because it can be wheeled like an airline luggage. And best of all, you can order for a custom-built case, you just have to send them your proposed specs. The traveling cases make it possible for you to have an instant tabletop display in seconds. The portable table top displays are the perfect tools that you can have for various types of presentations like trade shows, conventions and even if you just want to make an impression for your client meeting.

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