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follow link researchAfter a long period of blog inactivity, I am planning to reinvent my blog site. No. I will not change my blog layout or the topics that I will be covering. My blog will simply undergo a major SEO pimping. Okay, poor choice of words. In my quest to increase my blog’s traffic, I will research and work on every possible way to boost my website statistics without harassing its authenticity and sincerity. Whew! So for the following month, I will take up Search Engine Optimization 101 Course. Hopefully, in the midst of this quest for blogging glory, I get to make a quality post or two. We’ll see. This is for my Technorati claim, here’s my code: fayd7x325g – Thanks for bearing with me. LOL.

crane writing paper I’m glad about the fact that the Internet is an abundant source of knowledge. It’s up to the person whether he wants to maximize the use of the knowledge he has gained or not. The Internet has thousands or even hundreds of thousands of helpful information about Search Engine Optimization and website promotion. Just dig in and be patient. That’s my game plan.

sound and the fury essays By the end of the month, my blog will be earning around follow url $4235.68 per day. Right now, it’s earning https://engineering.purdue.edu/~zavattie/pictures/?edit=peace-definition-essay&my=10 $2754.73 a day. Check out the image below if you don’t believe me.

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creative writing vs academic Okay, I’m just kidding. Kill me now. I just downloaded my Google Adsense html page and used the search and replace tool to replace all $0.00’s with $2754.73. Pathetic.

https://engineering.purdue.edu/~zavattie/pictures/?edit=essays-on-being-single&my=10 I will also find time to update my other blogs: Technofied – Technology and Gadgets Blog, Talk About MMA – Mixed Martial Arts Blog, Indiesine – Independent Films Blog.

go to link who can do my statistics homework Update: I think my Talk About MMA site was hacked. When I access it says the site was reported as an attack site. I checked the files via ftp and looked for unwanted i-Frames. I was able to remove a couple of them from my index.php files but it did not fix the problem.