Pilot Errors Caused Air France Crash

Air France Crash

BBC reports that according to France’s BEA authority, the 2009 Air France crash in the Atlantic Ocean was due to pilot errors. BEA said that the pilots did not have sufficient training. The crash happened on June 1, 2009 and there were 228 people on board the Air France flight. The Air France came from Rio, Brazil and was headed to Paris. Unfortunately, four hours into the flight, it plunged directly to the Atlantic Ocean killing all 228 people on board.

Just recently, the black box recorders have been recovered and investigators are now getting full understanding of what really happened on that fateful day of June 1, 2009.

Accordingly, the junior pilots on board the Air France depended only on the plane’s computer instead of controlling the situation manually. According to the Safety Director at UK consultancy Ascend Aviation, Paul Hayes, “It seems obvious the crew didn’t recognize the situation they were in, for whatever reason, and more training could have helped.”

Incidentally, the captain was not on the cockpit during the disaster. The situation was already irreversible when he returned. Had he been present earlier, he may have done something to prevent the crash because he has more expertise flying the plane manually. BEA issued a report particularly tackling 10 new safety recommendations. Air France on the other hand denied the ruling that training of its pilots has caused the tragedy.

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