Petra Kvitova – Another Left Handed Tennis Champion

Petra Kvitova - Another Left Handed Tennis Champion

There has only been three left-handed winners of the women’s title at Wimbledon. The most recent was Petra Kvitova of Czechoslovakia. The other two were Anne Jones of Britain and another Czech’s pride Martina Navratilova. Jones won in 1969 when she picked up the Venus Rosewater Dish. Navratilova on the other hand had already won nine Wimbledon titles between 1978 and 1990 and she has played a major role in inspiring Kvitova to make it in the Wimbledon.

There are just about 10% left-handers in the world’s population and some individuals have treated left-handed people somewhat offensively. They are even called names such as cack-handed and gauche. On the court or on the grass, right-handers are somewhat having a hard time playing with left-handers. The slide shots of left-handers provide them a slight unique advantage. When left-handers slice serve, they leave their challenger out wide and the court becomes open and exposed.

In Wimbledon history, left- handed winners provide the most imaginative proponents of the games. You may call it just happening by chance or it could be accounted for their special ability. In the past, great left-handed players who made history at Wimbledon include JaroslavDrobny (1954), Rod Laver (1961, 1962, 1968, 1969), Jimmy Connors (1974 and 1982), John McEnroe (1981, 1983, 1984), and GoranIvanisevic (2001).

Just a quick fact, multiple time tennis champion Rafael Nadal is also a left hander although he is naturally right handed.

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