Personal Digital Creations

It’s now easy to turn life’s memories into digital creations using the photo service called Smilebox®. This latest innovation allows you to share online your treasured moments with family and friends or if you want, you can just save them for keepsake.

Smilebox® can really stir out the interest in you by providing hundreds of designs to choose from and it makes scrapbooking, creating slideshows, and sending free greeting cards so much fun and easy. With easy to follow instructions from Smilebox®, you can create wonderful scrapbooks, learn how to make creative slide shows, and make memorable greeting cards that are packed with your photos and videos including music and text which you personally choose.

You can share your Smilebox creations for free through some of the most popular networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. You can also email them or make blogs about them. Printing is also allowed or you can burn them to DVD and save for yourself.

How to make creative slide shows, scrapbooks and custom-made greeting cards is not a problem because each week, new designs for every occasion are released. All you have to do is to let go of your creativity and enjoy making personalized gift items and digital creations packed with photos, videos, music, and messages of your choice. Sharing your precious memories has never been this easy and fast! Smilebox® allows you to share special moments in your life that you want others to cherish too. It’s like telling your story to the world in a digital way.

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