Package Cuba Holidays

The beautiful island of Cuba is a dream destination of people who love to travel. Grab a package cuba holidays now and discover a travel of a lifetime in this dream island. There are fourteen provinces and one special Municipality in Cuba. You can just imagine how great those Cuba Holidays have to offer. The first village of Cuba, Baracoa, is a popular tourist destination. Sea, rivers, and mountains of high-spirited vegetation are the main attractions of the place. They take pride on its very attractive and well preserved landscapes. Baracoa is also known for its delicious chocolates made from cacao.

A visit to the cacao plantation located in Duaba will add a sweet experience to any of your package Cuba holidays.The crystal waters and white sands of the beaches in Guantanamo namely Maguana, Saratoga and Duaba beaches are also tourist attractions that are hard to resist. Baracoa is the location of the first villa in Cuba, the Our Lady of La Asuncion of Baracoa which was founded by the Spanish conquerors in 1512. In Boqueron Hill, you can see a one of its kind stone zoo. Another tourist attraction is the Jatibonico Ecological Reserve where the mountains called Monitongos are located. Overall, the city is such a marvelous place and any Cuba holidays are guaranteed to bring an experience of a lifetime.

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